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Liability law

Durnez Advocaten has broad knowledge and practical experience concerning the follow-up and handling of the various aspects of liability law.

  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability, damage and insurance
  • Government liability
  • Medical liability
  • Liability for latent defects and non-conforming delivery
  • Liability for animals and property
  • Liability for children (parents, supervisory authorities, schools, etc.)
  • Liability of hirers (employer, temporary work agency, etc.)
  • Professional liability (contractor, architect, physician, accountant, notary public, garage owner, etc.)
  • Disciplinary rules
  • …..

We handle these matters both from the position of the injured party and that of the allegedly liable person.

We have built up a host of experience on claims from various sectors with challenges of expert reports (construction, industry, medical, ICT, etc. )

Published case law

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  • Antwerp dated 15/12/2009, Justel N-20091215- (disguised gift)
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  • District Court of Leuven dated 08/05/13, Rechtskundig Weekblad 14-15, 71 (social lease – duty of actual occupation)
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