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Law of persons and familiy law

Durnez Advocaten has broad knowledge and practical experience concerning the follow-up and handling of the various aspects of family law.

You can count on us for questions and procedures concerning:

  • Status of the person – nationality and residence
  • Legal capacity and collocation
  • Improvement / change of forename and family name
  • Protection of privacy and GDPR
  • Relationship by blood and marriage
  • Descent and adoption
  • Parental authority and visitation rights
  • Marriage, cohabitation and divorce
  • Alimony between former partners and child support
  • …………

We have built up a host of experience in both purely Belgian procedure and cross-border cases.

Published case law

  • Justice of the Peace of Westerlo dated 15/12/00, Rechtskundig Weekblad 01-02, 1037 (artificial application of urgent and temporary measures)
  • Brussels dated 26/11/13, Rechtskundig Weekblad 14-15, 266 and Tijdschrift voor Familierecht 2014, 225, note by K. Vereecke (summary proceeding – administration)
  • Rb. District Family Court of Leuven dated 02/10/2019, Rechtskundig Weekblad 2020-21, 830 (personal contact of grandparents – interest of the child)
  • Brussels (3rd division) no. 2008/KR/174, 12 May 2009, Rev.trim.dr.fam. 2011 (summary), issue 1, 236; TBBR 2010, issue 6, 283, note by HEPS, R., Bescherming van de band tussen broers en zussen bij en na vaststelling van de verblijfsregeling [Protection of the relationship between brothers and sisters during and after determination of the residency arrangement], in TBBR 2010, issue 6, 286-293