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Employement and social law

Durnez Advocaten has broad knowledge and practical experience in the area of labour law, social disputes, work-related accidents and social criminal law.

You can count on us for questions and procedures concerning, for example:

  • the development of employment (salaried employment or self-employed, status-based, drafting the employment contract, the work rules, recruitment or hiring away of personnel, unfair competition, expatriate employment),
  • problems relating to employment (wage negotiations, protected status, social unrest, strikes, transgressive behaviour, discrimination, stock option plans, intellectual rights, etc.),
  • arrangements and procedures relating to the operation of a business (joint committee application, CLA 32bis in case of transfer, social elections, social inspection, etc.),
  • arrangements and procedures relating to liability of employees and management,
  • arrangements and procedures relating to dismissal (urgent reasons, etc.), outplacement, pension, etc. This both within the framework of a status or employment contract.

We handle such matters from the position of both the employer and the employee.

A number of the results that our firm has achieved in these cases have also been published in the legal professional literature. A few examples are:

  • Labour Court of Brussels dated 28/03/1988, Rechtskundig Weekblad 88-89, 371 (liability of employee – delivery of work)
  • Labour Court of Appeal of Brussels dated 17/10/00, Rechtskundig Weekblad 01-02, 127 (dismissal for urgent reason – sexist language use)
  • Labour Court of Brussels dated 4 June 2019, Rechtskundig Weekblad 2019-20, 68 and mentioned in VAN EECKHOUTTE, W., Sociaal Compendium. Labour law with tax annotations], 2664-2756 (93 p.) (manifestly unreasonable dismissal)