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Competition and trade mark law

Durnez Advocaten has broad knowledge and practical experience concerning the follow-up and handling of the various aspects of competition and trademark law:

  • Belgian and European competition law (market-distorting agreements, vertical agreements, cartels, mergers, etc.)
  • Dominant position and abuse thereof
  • handling of the enforcement by the national and international authorities
  • conducting challenges before the competition authorities
  • Belgian, Benelux and international trademark law (protection of company and commercial names, i-DEPOT, etc.)
  • Patents
  • …..

published case law:

  • Rb. • District Court of Hasselt (5th division) no. 01,1745.A, 12 October 2002, TBBR 2003, issue 9, 637, with note by VANDERSCHOT, K.. The sanctioning of unlawful damages clauses.

  • President of the Commercial Court of Leuven dated 11/05/2006, Juristenkrant 21/06/2006, no. 123 (misleading advertising – international jurisdiction)