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The law firm Durnez Advocaten, headed by Johan Durnez and Erwin Goffin, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Established in Oud Heverlee (Belgium), we are active both nationally and internationally. We provide a full range of services and furnish custom-written, individualised solutions. In so doing Durnez Advocaten strives to offer excellent guidance. Based on our experience, competencies and a fixed network of professional contacts, our firm applies its knowledge with a view to delivering a flexible and client-oriented service.


  • Johan Durnez
  • Erwin Goffin


  • Mieke Martlé
  • Nadya Van Bree
  • Johan Doms
  • Melihsa Bagheri
  • Frederik Durnez
  • Elisabeth Vanderlinden
  • Elise Sablon
  • Emma Mourad Tawfic

Administration and accounting

  • Martien Van Bael